As the Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience continues its cautious re-emergence from a continuing worldwide pandemic, the return to in-person engagements is an uneven but necessary ingredient in building community. With our latest foray into New York City, the City That Never Sleeps, we confidently step into the 2022 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival, one of the premier movie-going events in America. Moving forward (vaxx’d up, masked up) from the continuing COVID-19 global pandemic, we march into lower Manhattan ready to resume celebrating our communities’ artists whose debuts at Tribeca affirms once again the power of our cinematic visions and voices. While COVID certainly hasn’t yet gone away, we’re well aware that this America remains an uneasy environment for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who are still “other’d” as perpetual foreigners in this country. And yet, the stories we bring to events as Tribeca give lie to the notion that we are visitors. Instead, with roots spanning multiple generations, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are foundational to the building of America. With that, we proudly join with our filmmakers and partners in realizing a safer, saner, and yes, a more egalitarian movie-watching and filmmaker celebratory experience.

The organizers of the Experience continue our eighteenth year, and our third presentation of the Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience in New York City. Through a series of online chats, discussions, and partnerships among a broad range of constituents throughout the Asian American and Pacific Islander filmmaking community, we continue to CELEBRATE and CENTER our communities’ cinematic artists.

OVERVIEW: #APATribeca2022 class

RECAP: #APAParkCity2022

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