January 13, 2002: The very first edition of the Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience in 2002 brought together over 300 festival-goers to the long-missed China Panda Restaurant in celebration of a class of over thirty artists with works at Sundance and Slamdance. Posing along with members of the Utah Film Commission are co-founders Winston Emano (back row, second from left), Linda Mabalot and David Magdael (back row, near and far right). Maritoni Tabora of the then-National Asian American Telecommunications Association also served a critical role in founding #APAParkCity (Photo: Visual Communications Photographic Archive)

Over the years, the organizers of the Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience has amassed a wealth of memories, not to mention made a lot of long-lasting friendships. And in some cases, we’ve learned that our celebration of Asian American and PacificIslander cinematic artists does not exist in a vacuum. In this section, find out about the culture we’ve created around #APAParkCity and beyond…from the artwork we’ve created for the event through the years, the memories as captured in video, and even some of the outside events and happenings that color our mission.

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