Welcome to #APAParkCity!

We’ve finally done and did it…we, the Organizing Team of the Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience in Park City have pored over fifteen years of hosting our annual Park City Receptions for Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Asian International cinema artists and assembled a new online destination to celebrate our artists as we move forward to the week starting January 23, when the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals take over Park City, Utah. Since 2001, when an ad hoc team of APA media arts activists including former Visual Communications Executive Director Linda Mabalot and publicists David Magdael and Winston Emano contributed to a memorable launch for director Rod Pulido’s THE FLIP SIDE (the very first feature-length film directed by a Filipino American to screen at Sundance), we recognized the need to foreground and recognize APA cinematic talents in Park City who have brought their stories to this annual gathering of independent cinema. As it turns out, the very first Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience gathering at China Panda Restaurant proved to be a preview of things to come.

As #APAParkCity co-founder Winston Emano once proclaimed, “The first year, it was a party. The second year, it was a happening. Now, this is an annual event. You know what we call that? We call that a tradition.” We invite one and all who champion and support the creative vision and storytelling talents of our APA and Asian international artistic community to JOIN US in January as #APAParkCity presents its Sixteenth Edition. Follow this blog for breaking news and other developments, and follow us throughout the year — the Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience “tradition” has begun to extend far beyond the snowy hamlet of Park City, all the better to recognize and celebrate our amazing cinematic community. Stay tuned! More great stuff to come in the coming weeks…

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